Sometimes of find that after a long day of editing, uploading, and just well, staring at a screen all day, there's no better way to unwind that pulling up a garden chair, and allowing your feet to sink into the soil. Just have to watch out Incase I sink my toe into a freezing cold dog shite....

They say that one of the best ways to reconnect with nature is to walk barefoot on the grass, and feel the earth beneath your feet. I swear on beautiful days like this I can feel the earth turning beneath me, or maybe it's just my head spinning from the, no im sure it's the earth.

Anyway, with a glowing Amber sunset and the honey gold leaves on the trees, it feels like heaven on earth right here in my back garden, and as I lift my glass to see the glare of the sun glinting at me from behind my rosè wine, I can't help but notice the big daddy long legs stuck to the bottom of the glass. I try to flick it off but it's smooched in a certain way and I have to try and kind of scrape it off with the arm of the chair. There we go, got the fucker. Now, back to bliss.

Have a wonderful evening, Luna